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7 highlights from the Google I/O event

Android P

Android P Beta Version publicly available

The Google I/O event has become known as the time of the year when we officially see the light of a new Android version. And this year’s edition wasn’t an exception.

As you may understand, many of the coming subjects will touch the approaching operating system, which yet hasn’t been called more than Android P.

Thanks to Project Treble, Google is now making the beta version of the coming Android version more accessible than before. In previous years the beta versions have been exclusively released to Google-branded devices such as their Nexus and Pixel series.

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But this time, as many as seven other manufacturers are being given the beta-version. As Google per logic is prioritizing consumer-grade devices for these kinds of updates, we won’t see it on an enterprise level for a while.

However, you can download the Android P beta and get to know it right now if you own a Google Pixel phone or one of the latest models from Nokia, Sony, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, OnePlus or the Essential Phone.

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