Welcome to RuggedInformer, a blog run by the staff at rugged computer specialists Handheld. We live and breath rugged computers and rugged computing. Rugged computing is in our blood and DNA. We love what we do.

Handheld’s top personnel each have a long background in the rugged computing business. We have a team who have been working in this business since the start of rugged computers (remember when they were big and bulky, and really heavy?) Devices have gotten smaller and more efficient, but the ruggedness is still key.  We know that it takes more than a rugged shell to protect your work on any outdoor workday. Truly rugged hardware–tablets and PDAs–designed and built to operate in extremely harsh environments and conditions are built rugged from the inside and out.

In this blog, we’ll give you insight into the business of rugged computing, what happens in the factory, out in the field and at various industry events. We’ll let you know about tech news, technical details and the workings of the rugged computer channels and business.

We’re experts in rugged computing. Thanks for following us!

Who are we

Behind this blog is Handheld Group, a manufacturer of Rugged Computers.

The evolution of rugged computers