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7 highlights from the Google I/O event

Smart intelligence features in Android P

Logically, Google didn’t only announce that the Android P Beta version was available, they also showcased what’s inside the upcoming operating system.

In order to make Android P smarter than its predecessor, we’ll be seeing four new smart intelligence features.

  • Adaptive battery – Devices running Android P will become better at conserving battery life. By predicting which apps you probably won’t use for the rest of the day you’ll see a 30% reduction in CPU app wake-ups.
  • Adaptive brightness – Google says that half of all Android users are manually adjusting their brightness even if they have it on auto. So in addition to recognizing your environment, Android P will be learning your own personal preferences and try to match them regularly.
  • App actions – Based on everything from what time of the day it is to you plugging in your headphones, your device will predict which action you most likely would want to make. In the evening it might suggest starting your workout app since you usually go for a run in the evening. Or when you plug in your headphones, it might suggest continuing listening to that album you were listening to earlier.
  • App slices – When searching for something on your device, like Hawaii. A slice of Google Photos might pop up and present some of your recent vacation images from Hawaii, allowing you to directly head into them. Google says that they will expand this for app developers enabling them to present actions such as playing videos or checking into hotels etc.
Android P comes with several smart intelligence features.

See Google’s Dave Burke demonstrate the smart intelligence features in the video on top of this page.