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Nokia enhances enterprise solutions through rugged partnership

Ahead of the Mobile World Congress 2024, Nokia has announced partnerships with Handheld Group, a manufacturer of ruggedized devices, and Askey, a provider of connectivity solutions. These collaborations are aimed at enhancing Nokia’s offerings in private wireless networks and edge computing technologies for its enterprise customers. By partnering with these companies, Nokia intends to meet the evolving needs of the industrial sector for specialized use cases and connectivity solutions, further expanding its portfolio in industrial digitalization.

Collaborative business model

Nokia’s strategy involves acting as a facilitator between its enterprise customers and its partners, referred to as ‘merchants’. This approach allows customers to directly purchase additional offerings that complement Nokia’s portfolio, offering a more streamlined and transparent purchasing process. It is designed to reduce administrative efforts and potentially offer better terms by minimizing the costs associated with reseller markups. Nokia’s role in this model is to provide its partners with access to a broad base of industrial customers, increasing the visibility of their products.

Contributions from Handheld Group

The partnership features a ruggedized 5G tablet from Handheld Group, tailored for the harsh conditions of industrial environments. This device is designed to support field operations with its durable design, high performance, and fast connectivity. Additionally, Handheld Group offers innovative products like a wearable ring scanner and a device that combines printing and scanning functions, aimed at improving logistics and warehouse efficiencies.

Enhancements by Askey

The collaboration also seeks to improve connectivity within industrial sites by integrating Nokia’s Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) WiFi solution with Askey’s enterprise Wi-Fi access points. This integration aims to simplify the management of various connectivity technologies in industrial settings. It offers a cohesive solution that supports Wi-Fi, 4.9G/LTE, and 5G, addressing the critical connectivity needs for automated vehicles, worker safety, robotics, and other operational technology applications.

Nokia’s Strategy for Digital Transformation

This initiative is part of Nokia’s broader strategy to support enterprises in their digital transformation efforts. It provides a comprehensive platform that encompasses edge computing, private wireless connectivity, and an ecosystem of applications and devices ready for Industry 4.0. The partnership with Handheld Group and Askey demonstrates Nokia’s commitment to enhancing its ecosystem and offering integrated solutions that cater to the specific needs of industries such as manufacturing, logistics, automotive, and energy.

The collaboration between Nokia, Handheld Group, and Askey highlights the value of strategic partnerships in providing specialized, industry-specific solutions. Such collaborations are essential for businesses looking to navigate the complexities of digitalization, offering the necessary tools, technologies, and expertise to exploit the advantages of private wireless and edge computing technologies effectively.

Here you can read the full blogpost from Nokia and the announcement from Handheld Group.