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What’s new in Android 15? 10 top features

Android 15 is around the corner and it’s packed with improvements as well as new features that’ll make using your phone even better. We’ve taken a sneak peek at what’s coming, and here are some of the top features that are going to make your life just a little bit better.

9 new features in Android 15

Quieter notifications when your phone is getting blown up

If you’re in a big, active group chat and your phone keeps beeping with new messages, Android 15 will lower the notification sound so it’s less annoying. This way, you won’t get irritated by constant beeps from the same app.

Vibrations feedback when you adjust screen brightness

When you slide your finger to make your screen brighter or darker, your phone will gently vibrate. It’s a small touch, but it makes your phone feel more responsive and fun to use.

Android 15 makes better use of foldable phones

Got a foldable phone? Android 15 makes them smarter. When you fold your phone, you can choose to keep using the app on the smaller screen, swipe to use it, or turn the screen off. It makes foldable phones more customizable and reduces third-party app dependency.

Turn off all keyboard vibrations easily

Ever get annoyed by your keyboard vibrating every time you type? Android 15 lets you switch off the vibrations for every keyboard app you use, all in one go. There is no need to change the settings for each keyboard app separately anymore.

Android 15 introduces partial screen sharing

Want to show someone something on your phone without revealing everything else? Screen recording has been around for a long time but it’s easy to end up sharing more than you want. Android 15 lets you choose to share just one app at a time. So, if you’re screen recording, you can keep your notifications and other apps private.

Better pictures and videos in apps

Taking photos or videos in apps like Instagram or Snapchat? You might have noticed that the quality is not as good as with the regular camera application. With the new update, Google is making sure all images look great by allowing apps to control the camera better, like adjusting for low light and tweaking the flash.

Ads that respect your privacy more

In line with Google’s ongoing efforts to enhance user privacy, Android 15 will include updates to the Privacy Sandbox. To put it simply it will show ads in a way that’s better for your privacy. With Android 15, your phone will use a new method that keeps your information more secure while still showing ads that might interest you.

Track your health easier

By expanding the capabilities of Health Connect, Android 15 is adding new ways to keep an eye on your fitness and health. It’s going to make it simpler to share this info between your health apps for nutrition, exercise, and sleep tracking. It’s all about making managing your health data easier.

Keep your files safe and your phone running smoothly

Lastly, Android 15 is making your phone more secure and run better. It’s getting new tools to protect your files from bad apps and updates that help your phone use less battery while making apps run smoother.

Wrapping It Up

Android 15 is shaping up to be a fantastic update with a long row of small, but impactful features that will make using your phone more convenient. From better ways to use foldable phones to improvements in how your phone handles notifications and privacy, there’s something for everyone. Keep an eye out for the update, which should be coming your way between August and October.