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7 highlights from the Google I/O event

Google Duplex

Last but not least, we need to explain the new Google Assistant feature that was demonstrated during the event and stole most of the headlines afterward.

It comes down to the fact that Google Assistant is becoming smarter, and for some people creepier as well. With a natural sounding voice, it can now make appointments and reservations for you via a phone call, and you don’t have to lift a finger.

The audience seemed excited about Google Duplex.

The Assistant now handles back-and-forth Q&As, ideal for those phone calls you hate to do to get in touch with businesses that don’t have an online reservation available.

Google calls it Google Duplex and showcased it via an impressive demonstration live at the Google I/O. In the phone call where Google Assistant should book an appointment for a haircut within a specific time range on a specific date it gave and asked several questions.

What really stood out and made both the audience and the receiver of the call drop their jaws was probably how real the conversation sounded. A couple of times, the assistant even added “Mhmm” before responding etc. which may validate the creepiness that some people experienced.

See Google’s Sundar Pichai demonstrate Google Duplex in the video on top of this page.