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Introducing 01 Light – The voice-controlled AI gadget

The 01 Light is an AI-powered device developed by Open Interpreter. The small, pucks-shaped gadget will fit in the palm of your hand yet it’s packed full of potential. After a quick setup, 01 Light essentially lets you voice control your computer remotely. This Star Trek-like computer control could possibly change how we interact with our devices completely. Here’s how it works and what you can do with it.

What’s the 01 Light all about?

Imagine chatting with your computer as if it were a person. That’s the 01 Light for you. It’s an open-source computer that uses language models to understand and execute commands. This means you can talk to it, and it’ll help you out with tasks, whether they’re on your local machine or somewhere on the cloud. It’s like having a tech-savvy friend on your desk, ready to assist.

How the 01 Light works

The 01 Light is built on open-source tech, which is great because it means anyone can tweak it, improve it, and make it their own. Think of it as the Linux for AI computing. You press a button, talk, and it gets to work—checking the weather, scheduling your day, or even managing desktop tasks. It’s designed to make life easier, whether you’re a tech pro or just someone who loves gadgets. Open Interpreter has essentially created a portable smart speaker and made it actually smart.

What you can do with it

Personal assistant

Need to keep track of your schedule or figure out what day the weather will be best for a picnic? The 01 Light has you covered. It can even handle ticket purchases for events, making sure you’re always where you want to be, without the hassle of manual planning.

Remote control

Away from your desk but need to send an important file that’s not on the cloud? Just ask the 01 Light. It can navigate your computer, find what you need, and send it where it needs to go. It’s like having remote access to your PC without needing to be there.

Learn and adapt

While it won’t know how to run every single app on your computer out of the box, you can teach it new tricks with simple instructions. Want it to send a message through Slack? Just show it how. The 01 Light learns and grows, becoming more useful over time.

Automate your workflow

Set it up to watch your inbox for invoices and forward them where they need to go. It’s about making those repetitive tasks disappear, saving you time for the important stuff.

The future of 01 Light and Open Interpreter

The team behind the 01 Light envisions a future where AI is part of everyday objects, making everything around us smarter. They’ve thrown open the doors for developers by sharing everything you need to start tinkering with the 01 Light, from software to CAD files. It’s an invitation to innovate and be part of shaping the future of AI in our daily lives.

Open Interpreter aims to make our interactions with technology more natural and intuitive. It’s about cutting down the time spent on mundane tasks and opening up new possibilities for efficiency. The gadget itself is available for preorder at a very affordable 99$ and you can follow the project at