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7 highlights from the Google I/O event

Google Lens integration into Google Maps

Google Maps is in many ways one of the most complete apps out there with over 1 billion downloads on the Google Play store. But this one little thing that you’ve probably encountered a few times can really be annoying.

What we’re talking about here is the blue dot symbolizing you on the map. Google Maps will show you the way on the map but what way is it in real life? Where’s north and where’s south standing in your exact position?

Aparna Chennapragada talked about AR improvements in Google Maps.

By taking advantage of the camera, Google integrates Google Lens into Google Maps. Combining the camera, StreetView, and Maps, Google gives us reimagined walking navigation.

Thanks to that, we can now see the suggested road we should take via a StreetView AR overlay on our devices, while at the same time having the Google Maps layout beneath.

See Google’s Aparna Chennapragada demonstrate Google Lens integration into Google Maps in the video on top of this page.