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Year in review – Looking back at a rugged 2023

As 2024 is quickly approaching, we would like to pause for a moment and look back on the year that has passed. It’s been an exciting year in the world of rugged computers and the tech industry overall. In this article, we will take you through some of the most talked about topics and the most popular posts on RuggedInformer in 2023.

Making the right choice for the future

At the start of 2023, we took a look at how the market for rugged computers is expected to develop in the future. The trend is quite clear – rugged laptops are slowing down while the growth rate for tablets, wearables, and scanners just keeps accelerating.

A market that grows quickly means there will be more companies investing in rugged computers for the first time. That’s not always an easy task but we tried to make it simpler by diving into the most important things to consider before investing in rugged computers. We also took a closer look at tablet specs and what all those numbers mean.

windows vs android rugged tablet - Handhelds Algiz lineup

One of the big choices will be the OS and the smart choices for rugged handhelds and tablets are Windows and Android. We put them and the ecosystems they provide in a side-by-side comparison.

It’s also important to make sure you get the right features, hot-swappable batteries can be crucial and every rugged computer should be equipped with tough Gorilla Glass. For many jobs, picking the right barcode scanner is essential. So do you need a 1D or a 2D scanner? We got you covered.

2023 the year of AI

It all started with ChatGPT taking the world by storm and hitting 100 million monthly users in just 2 months. That’s the fastest-growing internet application ever. It was called a “Google killer” and it did not take long for Microsoft to announce that they were going to add ChatGPT capabilities into Bing. Just two days later Google announced that they were going to launch a competitor, Bard.

Microsoft Copilot

We did not have to wait long for the next AI news from Microsoft as they decided to incorporate Bing AI into the Windows taskbar. That was quickly followed by the announcement of Copilot, an AI assistant built into Microsoft 365. Copilot was recently expanded and is now built into Windows OS and there are some pretty useful tricks to learn.

Exciting partnerships and big contracts

If 2022 was the year of product launches for Handheld Group, 2023 was the year of new partnerships. Handheld formed a strategic partnership with ProGlove, a manufacturer of smart, wearable tech. They also teamed up with software company Sygic to deliver cutting-edge navigational systems for professionals.

ProGlove beside the Algiz RT10

Handheld also secured some interesting contracts that show the versatility of their rugged lineup. They will be delivering custom-built rugged nano drone computers to a global defense group and recently they announced a major deal with Makin, an international machine control supplier. From nano drones to excavators, good rugged devices will fit anywhere.

Cyberattacks keep increasing

Unfortunately, the market for rugged tablets was not the only thing to grow in 2023. The amount of cybercrime rose sharply as well and it’s estimated that about 66% of small- to medium-sized companies have experienced an attack. It’s important to be aware of the dangers and we went over the top security threats for mobile devices.

Luckily there are some easy security measures you can take that will help keep your rugged handhelds safer. Keep the software updated, use two-factor authentication, and make sure to regularly back up your data. Keeping all employees updated on proper cyber hygiene is important in 2023. Now, there are even toys that can incapacitate a smartphone.

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