ProGlove beside the Algiz RT10

Handheld and ProGlove in Strategic Partnership

On September 26, 2023, a significant stride in enterprise mobility solutions was marked by a strategic alliance between Handheld Group and ProGlove. This partnership is poised to improve the operational efficiencies in logistics by meshing the robustness of Handheld’s rugged mobile computers with the innovative wearable technology from ProGlove. With seamless integration between ProGlove’s wearable scanners and Handheld’s rugged devices, it paves the way for optimized workflows, improved productivity, and enhanced safety in industrial environments.

A Closer Look at ProGlove

ProGlove, founded in 2014, is a trailblazer in smart wearable scanner solutions. With a workforce of over 350 individuals spanning more than 30 countries, ProGlove has been instrumental in fueling a continuous stream of worker-driven productivity gains across global industrial customers. The company’s hardware and software solutions are designed to optimize worker experience, maximize uptime, and boost productivity. They have a diverse clientele including giants like BMW, DHL, and Lufthansa. The wearable tech pioneer has a presence in the US, UK, Germany, and Serbia​.

An Overview of Handheld Group

Handheld Group is a leading manufacturer of rugged mobile computers, providing some seriously tough devices including handhelds, tablets, and wearables. These ultra-rugged devices are tailored for seamless operations in challenging environments beset by extreme temperatures, dust, and moisture. Handheld’s robust mobile solutions shine in the same warehousing and logistics environments that benefit from ProGloves smart wearables. With a global footprint, Handheld Group, a part of MilDef, operates from its headquarters in Sweden and has subsidiaries in various countries including the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, and the USA​​.

Synergy Between Handheld Group and ProGlove

The synergies between Handheld Groups’ rugged devices and ProGloves wearables are highlighted by how they both excel in demanding industrial environments. Handheld Group’s rugged handhelds and tablets are engineered to endure harsh conditions, making them a perfect match for the working environments where ProGlove’s wearables are used.

Handheld’s offerings extend beyond just tablets and handheld computers; they also provide an entire ecosystem of accessories. Among these are convenient solutions like hip holsters and a wide range of different vehicle mounts. The vehicle mounts are useful for forklift operators, ensuring that the devices are securely held while the workers have both hands free when they exit the vehicle to perform scans. Meanwhile, the holsters and other solutions for Handheld’s more compact devices are perfect for high-paced package handling. It ensures that the biggest benefit of ProGloves wearables remains and keeps both of the workers’ hands freed up to handle packages. 

ProGlove’s wearable technology, known for streamlining work processes and reducing errors during data collection, finds a complementary companion in Handheld’s rugged devices. The synergies of these technologies not only improve workflow efficiencies but ensure that workers have robust tools that let them excel in their roles while also promoting a safer working environment.