The Algiz RT10 Rugged tablet

Handheld set to deliver rugged tablets worth 67 MSEK to Makin

Handheld Group recently secured a significant contract with Makin, an international machine control supplier. The agreement, spanning five years, involves supplying Makin with the Algiz RT10 series of rugged tablets, a deal valued at 67 MSEK.

The Algiz RT10 was launched in late 2022 and is designed to operate in challenging conditions, making it suitable for Makin’s needs in the construction industry. These rugged Android tablets will be integrated into Makin’s machine control system and workflow tools, enhancing project management with precision and efficiency.

Introducing Makin

Makin, established in 2004, specializes in machine control systems. The company aims to provide top-tier machine control solutions. Their growth and strong user community reflect their effectiveness in meeting market demands​​.

Makin’s product line is diverse and specifically designed for the construction sector. The Makin’ Excavator 3D system stands out with its 2D and 3D visualizations of projects and enables real-time data sharing. The surveyors, machinists and project leaders inside the office will all be up-to-date on the current situation. It is praised for its intuitive interface and high-speed sensors, along with excellent GNSS capabilities.

In addition, Makin offers a rover tailored to work in conjunction with the Makin’ Excavator 3D, providing an easy-to-use interface and reliable GNSS performance under challenging conditions. They also offer software for data visualization, accurate positioning and cloud services. All tailor to work together for a completely integrated solution.

“The order from Makin was won in strong competition and is proof of the strength of Handheld’s offering in rugged handhelds and tablets. The size of the delivery makes this one of the largest deals we have done and provides another strong reference to Handheld.”

Thomas Vallmar, CEO of Handheld Group

Why Handheld is a Good Match for Makin

Handheld Group’s rugged computers, particularly the Algiz series, have a proven track record in all kinds of demanding environments. It makes them an ideal match for Makin’s needs.

These tablets have been effectively used in projects requiring machine guidance, such as the Ryfast tunnel megaproject in Norway. In this project, Algiz tablets automated surveying tasks, minimized downtime, and enabled workers with no prior surveying experience to perform precise measurements and generate real-time tunnel profile graphics​​.

The Algiz tablets’ durability and ability to handle vibrations in vehicles are crucial for construction sites. Their compatibility with various GNSS/GIS mapping tools and software is also well documented and further enhances their applicability in precision-driven projects. Handheld’s solutions have been integral in diverse GIS mapping applications in everything from environmental sciences to engineering and construction​​.

Read the full official press release of the deal here.