Sygic Professional Navigation software on a Handheld Algiz tablet
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Sygic & Handheld combine for efficient and rugged deliveries

Working with deliveries is undoubtedly a stressful job. The drivers are dealing with growing volumes and increasing expectations of short delivery times. There is no room left for errors. Navigating unknown areas, through tough traffic on a tight time schedule. Get out of the car quickly and grab the right, and often heavy, package. Get a hold of the sometimes not-so-friendly customer to make the drop-off. Now imagine this same scenario the weeks before Christmas.

There is more than one challenge here and solving all of them might be close to impossible. However, Sygic and Handheld have teamed up to offer a solution that will take some of the pressure off the delivery drivers and make their job easier.

Sturdy hardware and smart software

Sygic provides the software, with a smart navigation system developed specifically for professionals. It will provide the most efficient route to the end destination and give an accurate ETA that keeps the customer from waiting. The driver arrives on time and even on the preferred side of the road.

Handheld provides the hardware, with tablets that can take a beating and deal with any kind of weather. Dropping the device when rushing out of the car is no longer a disaster and there is no more taking the gloves off in the middle of winter to register a delivered package.

More than routing from A to B

A modern navigation system tailored for professional use has a lot more to offer than just the shortest route. With Sygic Professional Navigation the user gets a route that is optimized for the size of the vehicle. Input the height, weight, width and length of the vehicle and the route will be adapted. It can predict traffic congestion before you reach it, re-optimize the route and provide one of the most accurate ETAs in the business.

Unlike a regular consumer GPS app Syngic doesn’t just lead you to the building. For truck drivers, it can actually lead them to the correct gate at a big factory site. For home deliveries, it can guide them on a route that puts them on the correct side of the road. For emergency responders, there is a specific mode that includes routes that are off-limits to normal vehicles. These are just some of the smart functions that separate modern, professional navigation software from the average, default map application.

The right and rugged tool for the job

A device used for delivery work is always going to be at risk of being dropped. The efficient solution is to use the same device for navigation as well as scanning barcodes and tracking the packages. That means every time the driver stops to deliver a package he is going to grab the device and quickly get out of the vehicle. Eventually, the stressed driver will probably end up dropping it, it’s quite an obvious advantage if it doesn’t break.

You also have the constant vibrations caused by vehicles and the summer sun turning the parked vehicle into an oven. Rugged devices can take all of that abuse and more. The cold of winter won’t bother them either and the driver is going to appreciate a touchscreen that can be navigated with gloves on.

Sygic and Handheld – The perfect combination

In this article, we have only highlighted a few of the benefits provided by the two companies and their collaboration. Below is a list of some of the other features they provide and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with Sygic or reach out to Handheld.

Sygic Professional NavigationHandheld Android Rugged Computers
Reliable routing for a set vehicle type (Vans, Trucks & Electric vehicles) and special cargo High-resolution, sunlight-readable touchscreen with super-hardened glass
Accurate Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and real-time traffic informationHigh-end processors deliver plenty of RAM and generous storage 
Supports fleets in optimizing their workflowSlim and lightweight design with a clear brand identity
Increases safety of drivers with lane guidance, speed camera warnings, or night modePowerful long-life and user-replaceable batteries
Limits data consumption with offline maps stored on the deviceHigh-speed mobile connectivity (5G/4G/LTE), Wi-Fi, BT, and NFC 
Easy management of routes with multiple waypoints, where each waypoint can have a predefined time window and stop timeIP67-rated and MIL-STD ruggedness
Precomputed routes that show the route as planned at the officeDedicated professional GNSS receiver for fast and accurate location data
Mobile Telematics can track the driving style of app users (e.g., speeding, harsh braking, distractions)Ecosystem of accessories and add-on solutions 
Emergency navigation that permits the use of roads restricted for regular use, or make forbidden maneuversMaxGo mobile device management (MDM) software enables custom settings across all devices in a field network 
Dashcam to record the route in case of an incidentIntegrated rear-facing and front-facing cameras
Worldwide maps and language coverageInclude a Barcode scanning/UHF reader as an optional capability.
Periodical map and software updates Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) validation by Google 
Proven by 4 million professional drivers and 3000 fleetsMaxCare Warranties program of 3-5 years packages, local service, support and repairs
Reliable and dedicated supportLong product lifecycle of around 5+ years with 5+ years EOL support