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Windows vs Android rugged tablets – What are the advantages?

We live in a connected age where every single industry is moving quickly towards further digitalization. For workers in remote or punishing environments, rugged devices are becoming the norm and the adoption of rugged tablets is growing fast. However, investing in new technology is never easy, what is going to be optimal for your business?

One of the major decisions you have to make is choosing the operating system (OS) and figuring out which one will offer you the most advantages. If we are looking at the major options on the market we basically have three of them: Windows, Android, and iOS. Apple’s iOS is mostly used for consumer products and when it comes to rugged tablets, they really don’t offer a valid option. So that leaves us two: Windows vs Android.

Advantages of rugged Android tablets

Rugged tablets that run on Android are growing quickly in popularity and at the same time Google is giving more attention to devices with tablet-sized screens. They offer a highly customizable and effective option at a decent price.


When you put a brand-new device in the hands of a field worker odds are that there will be a learning period before things run smoothly. That is necessarily not the case with an Android tablet. It’s more or less the same OS as the majority of the world’s smartphones run on and many workers will be able to navigate it smoothly from day one.

Google ecosystem

Android tablets have access to Google Play and all the applications available through it by default. The wide supply of third-party applications makes it easy to customize the device for your needs. Android also integrates with the popular platform Google workspace and through seamless cloud storage you can download backups from older units with both apps and settings intact.

Cost efficiency

The average Android tablet is not going to be equipped with as powerful hardware as a comparable Windows unit. This is partially due to the way the Android OS works, it’s engineered to be able to run apps in a more efficient way. It can simply do more with less and that reduces hardware costs. There are also fewer licensing fees associated with Android products which add to the cost efficiency as well.

Advantages of rugged Windows tablets

It’s been the go-to OS for years and it’s already a part of almost all companies worldwide. This makes it easy to integrate with the IT system that’s already in place. Windows has been constantly improved since the 1980s and brings numerous advantages.


You will most likely be surprised with how much performance that’s stacked into a modern rugged Windows tablet. With advanced hardware, the Windows tablet can handle many applications at once when you need to process heavy data loads. They are capable of impressive multitasking which makes fieldwork a breeze.

Software ecosystem

While Android tablets are going to work very well together with existing smartphones, Windows tablets are instead going to allow you to use the same software as you do on your stationary PCs. It’s a big advantage, the fieldworkers can work in the same Office package as the office does. Just like the Android OS, the high adaptation gives it an impressive ecosystem of software and applications.

Hardware compatibility

In some situations, the rugged tablet is going to be used in combination with hardware. Just like on the software side, the high adaptation has led to high compatibility, most hardware is engineered with Windows OS in mind. Windows tablets often boast great connectivity with a wide range of ports and docking stations. They are perfect for running advanced equipment, and vehicle docks or why not connect them to a regular keyboard at the end of the day to type a report.

Windows vs Android

In the end, Windows vs Android comes down to the needs of the individual company. They both have impressive ecosystems so it might come down to what software systems you currently are using. On the performance side Windows tablets have more power to offer, but do you need it? Perhaps the more cost-efficient Android tablet gets the job done. Compare the rugged tablets side by side, reach out to the manufacturer and get the right fit for your job.