Microsoft Copilot

Get the most out of Microsoft Copilot on Windows

It might not have gotten the same amount of hype as ChatGPT and Bard but Microsoft Copilot is still one of the most exciting AI releases of 2023. At first, its only focus was Microsoft 365, but now the tech giant has built it into Windows as well. It’s a powerful tool with the potential to quickly boost your productivity. Here are some of the tricks that will help you get the most out of Copilot.

7 smart ways to use Microsoft Copilot

1. Streamlining System Settings

Copilot simplifies the process of adjusting system settings. Instead of navigating through multiple menus, users can command Copilot to perform tasks like activating dark mode or muting the system volume. To use this feature, you just need to type or speak your command, such as “enable dark mode,” and Copilot executes the action, making system management more efficient.

2. Coding Assistance

For developers, Copilot can accelerate coding tasks. By describing the desired functionality and choosing a programming language, Copilot generates code snippets. A feature that can be very valuable for quickly assembling routine functions or for troubleshooting code.

3. Artistic Creations with Paint Cocreator

In the Paint app, Copilot’s AI assists in creating digital art. Users describe their desired image, and Copilot provides various visual interpretations and styles. A useful feature for users who need quick visual content but lack the time or skills for detailed artwork. You can access this feature by opening Paint, launching Copilot, and inputting a description like “create a futuristic cityscape.”

4. Summarizing Web Content

Copilot, integrated with Microsoft Edge, offers a quick summarization of lengthy web content. This feature is particularly handy for professionals and students who need to understand the key points of detailed articles or reports. To use this, simply ask Copilot to “summarize the article on [topic]” while browsing in Edge.

5. Image Identification

Copilot can analyze images to identify their contents, it’s almost like having Google Lens built into your computer. For example, uploading a picture of a plant will prompt Copilot to provide details about its species.

6. Enhanced Snipping Tool for Text Extraction

With Copilot, the Snipping Tool in Windows 11 gains the ability to extract text from screenshots. It’s very handy for extracting text from non-selectable sources like images or locked PDFs into Word documents. To use it, capture a screenshot using the Snipping Tool, then ask Copilot to “extract text from this image.”

7. Document Drafting

Copilot can also assist with various writing tasks. It helps structure documents, provides writing suggestions, and can even help complete sections of text. When the writer’s block sets in or you need to refine drafts it’s a useful aid. As an example, asking Copilot to “help write an introduction for a report on renewable energy” can provide a solid starting point for your document.

Microsoft Copilot in Windows 11 presents a new toolbox that can simplify routine tasks as well as aid in creative and technical endeavors. Its incorporation of AI into everyday computing tasks offers a glimpse into the future of user interaction with technology, making complex tasks more accessible and time-consuming processes more efficient.