algiz rugged tablet excavator
In the Field

Digitalizing small excavator fleets with rugged tablets

Everybody knows that digitalization is a shortcut to improved efficiency, better safety, and increased profits. In the earthmoving industry, small business owners have heard this speech as well. The problem is that the upfront investment into digitalizing small excavator fleets never seemed to pay itself off. A problem Komatsu set out to solve.

3DMG – Affordable machine guidance for excavators

Komatsu came up with a solution called Smart Construction 3D Machine Guidance, or 3DMG for short. A user-friendly GNSS system that provides machine guidance for excavators from 13 to 120 tons. The kit is engineered to be compatible with crawlers as well as wheeled excavators and work with older machines as well as brand-new ones.

The 3DMG kit consists of two GNSS antennas, four (or more) external sensors, a Wi-Fi router, and a vehicle dock where the core of the unit rests. A rugged Algiz tablet from Handheld Group. This system helps operators know exactly where to dig and how deep, using real-time data shown directly on the tablet’s screen. It’s an affordable way for smaller construction companies to upgrade their equipment without buying new machinery.

The system’s advantages

Setup and Installation: A Smooth Process

Installing the 3DMG system is straightforward. It involves attaching GNSS antennas, setting up inertial measuring units on the excavator, and integrating a Wi-Fi router inside the cab. The final step is securing the rugged tablet in the excavator, which serves as the operational hub, providing all the necessary controls and information at the operator’s fingertips.

Enhancing Safety and Productivity

Beyond just boosting efficiency, the 3DMG system significantly improves safety. Real-time guidance helps operators avoid potential hazards, ensuring safer work environments. The system’s precision also minimizes the need for manual checks and adjustments, further reducing the risk of accidents.

Versatility on and off the Machine

Operators appreciate the versatility of these rugged tablets. They’re not just fixed components of the excavators; they can be detached and used for training, troubleshooting, or planning away from the noisy environment of the machine.

Cost-effective Upgrades for Small Firms

For small construction businesses, the financial strain of upgrading machinery can be prohibitive. The 3DMG system changes that equation by making state-of-the-art guidance technology affordable. This system levels the playing field, allowing smaller firms to upgrade their existing fleets without the hefty price tag of new equipment.

Dependable for the Long Haul

Komatsu chose Handheld’s rugged tablets after trying out many types and found them to be the best fit for tough environments. These tablets not only survived the harsh tests but also proved to be easy to use, with features like extra buttons that don’t get in the way of the screen. Plus, the continuous support from Handheld means that companies can count on these tablets to last and keep performing well.