Android 13

What to expect from Android 13

It seems that the Android 12 release was just around the corner and the major update 12L just started rolling out. But the world of tech is moving quickly and it’s already old news as we look forward to the release of Android 13. Here are some highlights of what to expect and when to expect it.

When will Android 13 be released?

When Google refines and releases new versions of the Android OS it usually follows roughly the same procedure. First, the OS goes through developer previews, then the beta versions are released before the final stable launch starts rolling out.

Google has actually released a rough schedule for how many previews and tests we might expect before the final release. The runway is a lot shorter than the one for Android 12, possibly because Android 13 will not feature as many changes as the gigantic 12 version.

Android 13 release schedule
The Android 13 release schedule.

The two scheduled developer tests have actually already been released, which is why we know a bit more about what changes to expect. Next in line are the beta releases and in August is when we can expect a final release.

Android 13 design changes

Android 12 brought along a massive amount of design changes to the UI with Material You enabling lots of new customization changes. While we should not expect as big an overhaul this time Android 13 will still bring some tweaks and changes.

Auto-theming icons are a new option that has been confirmed by Google’s release of the embedded picture below. Basically, the goal is for every icon to be capable of switching as you swap themes on your phone. It does however require the developers to build in this feature and so far it’s only included for Pixel phones. So the rest of us might have to wait a bit longer.

Android 13 themed icons

Speaking of Material You, we could possibly see some additional color-theming options. A leak has shown palettes that allow for picking specific shades and hues. We will also get an additional option to choose from when it comes to the style of the lock screen clock. While not major changes, every bit of customization is fun.

Improved functionality

Along with the design changes we have also gotten a couple of looks at some new and improved functionality, increasing the user-friendliness. Currently, scanning QR codes are somewhat clumsy on Android and it seems Google is looking to address this. The developer tests have shown a quick toggle button for it, removing the need for a separate app.

The new OS will also feature better wireless audio as it comes with built-in support for Bluetooth LE Audio and LC3. You will get better sound on your connected devices and at the same time, it’s going to be more efficient, reducing the power usage.

One leak has also shown something called “Media TTT”, TTT stands for tap to transfer. It’s still a bit unclear exactly what it does and how but there are some theories. When you play audio or video on your phone and get close to a device that’s compatible with receiving media casts you will get a notification asking if you want to transfer the media. A pretty neat feature that should give some improved quality of life.

Expect a lot more

These are just highlights of the leaks, rumors and developer tests that are known so far. There are already more updates released in the test versions. Improvements to security and privacy along with more under the hood upgrades like improved battery life. There is a fast pairing for accessories and several minor design changes and functionality improvements. With all of the beta tests yet to be released we can safely say there is more to come.