The drone in your future

Today’s drones

Drones, as we know them today, are of much more recent vintage. They came about when “action cameras” like GoPros became small and light enough to be mounted onto inexpensive little helicopters, usually with four rotors.

Available both as cheap toys and also as more serious flying cameras, drones quickly gained a reputation as intrusive pests used by paparazzi and other intruders of privacy, and also as a danger to real aircraft.

That has gotten to a point where the use of drones is more and more regulated, and sadly in a haphazard and uneven way that frustratingly varies from place to place.

So let’s see where drones are today and where they may be headed. Yes, you can pick up a cheap drone at every Walmart or similar store for very little money. Those do take video and they do fly, but they don’t do either well.

As a result, moist quickly crash or get lost. They may be kids toys, but since most lack any degree of stabilizing electronics, they are actually difficult to control and fly.