UMS Skeldar Drone control
In the Field

UMS Skeldar and MilDef team up to innovate drone control

The integration of drones into defence operations has been a game-changer, providing essential capabilities like surveillance and precision targeting without endangering personnel. However, as the deployment of drones increases and tasks get more difficult, the necessity for more advanced control systems has become clear. This is the challenge that brought UMS Skeldar and MilDef together, combining their expertise to improve drone operation efficiency.

Introducing UMS Skeldar and MilDef

UMS Skeldar specializes in creating unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for military applications, with their Skeldar drones notable for their vertical takeoff and landing capabilities. A feature that makes them adaptable for a wide range of missions, whether in congested urban areas or from the decks of naval vessels.

MilDef, on the other hand, is known for developing rugged technology solutions designed to perform in the demanding conditions of military use. Their focus on reliability and durability makes them an ideal partner for enhancing drone control systems.

The collaboration has yielded a new control console with the goal of simplifying complex drone operations. This console is built with the pilot in mind, prioritizing ease of use, comfort, and operational efficiency.

With the operators in focus

During long missions, it’s important to recognize the importance of operator comfort and efficiency. The new console is designed for dual operation. It allows for a seamless division of tasks, with one operator focusing on navigation and the other on mission-specific duties. The inclusion of ergonomic features, such as adjustable seating and controls within easy reach, addresses the challenge of maintaining focus during extended operations.

Key features of the new drone control

The console is equipped with a large 27-inch display that provides a clear view of the drone’s perspective, complemented by a secondary display for critical flight information. Precision control is facilitated through specially designed hand controllers, ensuring responsive and accurate drone manoeuvrability.

Durability and reliability are core aspects of the console’s design, with every component built to withstand the varied environments of military operations. This ensures that the console remains operational regardless of the external conditions.

Seamless integration and future adaptability

Integration with UMS Skeldar’s V-200 drone highlights the success of the collaboration, demonstrating the console’s ability to meet specific operational requirements. Both companies are committed to continuous improvement, ensuring that the system remains adaptable to future needs and technological advancements.

By merging UMS Skeldar’s drone expertise with MilDef’s robust technology solutions, this partnership has successfully addressed a critical need in drone operations. The result is a drone control console that not only meets the current demands for drone operation but also offers a platform for future enhancements. A significant step forward in making drone operations more accessible, comfortable, and efficient for defence personnel.