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Microsoft’s Your Phone App now mirrors your notifications

Your Phone app on Windows

Microsoft’s Your Phone app lets you mirror your phone’s content to a PC. Now, they’re also adding notifications within the app.

Your Phone App

We’ve previously mentioned Microsoft’s Your Phone App here on the blog, which is an app that mirrors content between devices.

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Mirror your notifications

Now, Microsoft has enabled notifications in the app, meaning you can receive and manage your Android phone’s notifications on your PC.

According to Microsoft’s Vishnu Nath, Microsoft is also working on a feature called “notification chasing” that will let you take action on the notifications you receive. For example, you’ll be able to answer a message on WhatsApp on your phone and mirror the phone screen on your PC, allowing you to reply to the message.

The feature is currently only available in beta for Windows Insiders but will probably reach the wide mass soon as well.

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