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Highlights of CES 2024 – Exciting gadgets and tech solutions

Last weekend the Consumer Electronics Show stole the spotlight in Las Vegas and, as we have come to expect, quite a few jaw-dropping innovations were unveiled. Practical solutions with clear use cases, as well as some quirky gadgets with more unclear purposes. If you couldn’t spare the time for the entire 4-day event, don’t worry, we got you covered. Tens of thousands of tech products were on display at CES 2024 and while we won’t be able to recap all of them, we put together a list of some of the most interesting ones.

5 top picks from CES 2024

Supernal S-A2 eVTOL

Aircrafts powered by electricity might not be as far away as we thought. Supernal unveiled its S-A2 aircraft at CES 2024 and announced that they aim to have it on the market by 2028. This electric aircraft will initially have a range of 25-40 miles, cruise at 120 mph, and can carry up to 4 passengers plus the pilot. S-A2 is also going to be extremely quiet with a sound level of only 65 dB, that’s around the same as a normal laugh. The design is based on the shape of bees and honestly, it is a beautiful vehicle.

Shift Robotics Moonwalkers X

These wearables from Shift Robotics undoubtedly think outside the box. It’s a pair of robot roller skates that you strap on like snowshoes but instead of skating, you walk normally. It might seem more like a toy but it’s actually an impressive productivity tool. When you put your foot down the wheels help propel you forward and increase your walking speed by up to 2-3 times. Imagine a worker who spends his day order picking by foot, all of a sudden he can move twice as fast around the warehouse. They are already on sale but according to testers, this new model is much more intuitive and easy to get started with.

Eureka Dual Washing Bot

It’s a washer, a dryer and a robot vacuum with some AI sprinkled on top of it. Now you might ask yourself, why would I want that? Well, it comes with some pretty good advantages. The obvious one is that you save space with the vacuum docking below the washing machine. The second, and biggest one, is that it’s self-cleaning. Eurekas robot vacuum will mop your floor and since it’s connected to the washer and its drainage system it will empty the dirty water, clean and refill itself on its own. On top of that, its AI lets you use very specific voice commands like “mop next to the TV”.


This one definitely goes into the weird and quirky section. Imagine a bunch of phone-sized screens put together in a shape resembling that of a face. Those screens will also show a face that’s capable of engaging in conversation. WeHead is an AI companion for when your real friends don’t have time for a video call.


Remember the old Blackberry phones with a physical keyboard? Some attempts have been made to create similar smartphones with keyboards but they all pretty much fell flat on their faces. Clicks is a new take on it and it drew quite a lot of attention at CES 2024. Instead of re-designing the modern smartphone, they created a phone case with a keyboard. You slap it on just like you would a normal case and then you have a physical keyboard below the phone. While it makes the smartphone quite long, it also lets you take advantage of the full screen at all times. The digital keyboard won’t pop up and block half the screen when the case is on. Could be very useful if you want to use your phone with gloves on but on the other hand, then you might want something rugged that can perform in the cold like the Nautiz X41 with its physical, numerical keypad.

These are just a few of all the amazing technological solutions unveiled at CES 2024 and just like during CES 2023 there are a thousand other gadgets that deserve your attention.