Humane wearable ai

Could Humane’s wearable AI device replace smartphones?

Humane has caused quite a stir in the tech industry and there is a lot of hype around the company. It’s one of the more mysterious startups, with a highly-anticipated product launch on the horizon. There’s been a lot of speculation as to what the company is working on and the wait is finally over. Humane unveiled its latest creation at a TED talk, and this wearable AI device is not what anyone predicted.

What Humane has developed is a pocket-sized wearable AI projector that can replace your smartphone. Yes, you read that right. The wearable is designed to revolutionize the way we interact with our devices by offering a completely screenless experience. The Humane team believes that screens have become a barrier between people and the world around them. Their goal is to change that.

The team behind Humane

So how good is the team behind this hyped innovation? The company actually boasts quite an impressive lineup. Many of them are former Apple employees with a lot of experience working on groundbreaking devices. The two founders of Humane, Imran Chaudhri, and Bethany Bongiorno, have been heavily involved in the development of products like the Mac, iPod, and iPhone as well as the software management of iOS and MacOS.

Humane’s wearable AI

At the TED Talk, one of Humane’s founders unveiled a wearable, attached to the front of his shirt. The device is much smaller than a regular smartphone, with a size that is more along the lines of the charging case for a pair of wireless earbuds. Still, the device is filled with functionality, with sensors and cameras that can project visual interfaces onto any surface. He went on to demonstrate how the device could be used to answer incoming phone calls, see map directions, and much more. All with the help of gestures and voice control.

Two of the highlights include a form of catch-up feature and its use as a translator. When asked, the device summarised his schedule along with the e-mails he had waiting in his inbox and what they were about. The device’s voice translator was capable of turning what he said in English into French using an AI-generated voice. The most impressive thing about it is that it actually retained his own voice tone, making it very life-like.

The device is completely independent

The wearable doesn’t need to be connected to any other device either. It’s meant to be a complete replacement for smartphones and therefore operates independently. The way you interact with the gadget supposedly offers a more natural way of engaging with technology than a screen does. This is what the team behind Humane believes to be the future of mobile technology. They’re supported by some rather well-known players such as OpenAI’s CEO, Microsoft, and Salesforce’s CEO. So the hype might very well be warranted.

So, could this pocketable AI projector be something we will see everywhere in the future? It’s almost impossible to predict whether this could turn into the next iPhone moment. Regardless, Humane has created a device that has a very real chance of disrupting the way we interact with tech. The buzz around the gadget is well-deserved, and it’s going to be exciting to follow Humane as development continues.