RS60 Bluetooth ring scanner

Handheld launches the RS60 Bluetooth Ring Scanner

Within 10 days of launching their new wearables section, Handheld announces a second product in the category. The RS60 Bluetooth Ring Scanner is their second rugged wearable, following the SP500X ScanPrinter.

Handhelds RS60 Ring Scanner is a lightweight handsfree scanning solution developed to fill the growing needs in industries like warehousing, e-commerce and distribution.

A focus on efficiency and mobility

The RS60 Ring Scanner is placed on the user’s index finger, with a trigger button on the side towards the thumb. It´s also designed so that both right- and lefthanded workers can use the same device. Simply release the scanner from the ring and turn it around.

As both hands are freed up the user can handle packages and other items quickly with both hands. There is no need to waste time on putting a scanner in a holster. There is also a reduced risk of dropping because of one-handed use.

The RS60 Bluetooth ring scanner is equipped with a class 1 BT that allows the worker to keep the connection up to 300 feet (100 meters) away from the paired device. Perfect for vehicle-mounted devices.

Enterprises have increasingly seen the value of equipping their workers with tools to maximize efficiency and mobility. Our new wearable line is designed to fit those needs.

Thomas Löfblad, CEO, Handheld Group

Handheld has also managed to keep the ring scanner to a weight below 2 ounces (57 grams) and at the same time have a battery that can handle up to 11 hours of work. This allows the worker to keep going the entire shift without having to change batteries or being affected by the weight.

On top of this, there is a 4-slot charger and 8-slot battery charger among the accessories. It comes in handy in bigger warehouses to keep the cable cluttering and the number of power outlets down.

RS60 Bluetooth ring scanner – fast and durable

The ring scanner comes with an Android ring control app that allows for instant pairing to any compatible device by simply scanning a barcode or use the NFC tap to pair.

Even tho it’s small and lightweight the Bluetooth ring scanner has not compromised on speed. The 2D imager can handle scanning at up to 6 m/s, so accurate scanning on a fast conveyor belt will not be a problem. It’s the best of both worlds, the power of a traditional scanner in a lightweight and rugged wearable.

Just like all the other products made by Handheld, the RS60 Ring Scanner is a true rugged piece of technology. It can be dropped repeatedly on concrete and handles temperatures between 0 and 50°C. The ring scanner has an IP65 rating meaning it is dustproof and can handle water projected from a nozzle.

The official press release states that the RS60 Ring Scanner is available in stock and ready for shipping immediately. Handheld CEO, Thomas Löfblad also teases that Handheld will further expand their wearable product line further in the future.