SP500X ScanPrinter barcode scanner and printer

SP500X – The first wearable ScanPrinter

Handheld recently announced the SP500X, a unique solution for the logistics business. The wearable ScanPrinter is the first of its kind and speeds up the handling of packages greatly.

The SP500X was developed by Handheld in a collaboration with one of the world’s largest shipping and logistics companies. The partnership enabled extensive field testing during the developing process and continuous development.

The wearable ScanPrinter scans the package for what it is. That information is then sent wirelessly to the backend system. The backend then returns information about where the package is supposed to go. You then print the barcode or address directly on the package. This process can be completed by one worker in as little as 2 seconds.

The wearable ScanPrinter offers real mobility

SP500X is a true wearable and that means it is completely wireless and allows the worker to move anywhere in the warehouse. All you need is a wifi connection, no more running back and forth to a stationary printer.

The ScanPrinter is mounted on top of the hand with one strap around the wrist and a second strap around 2 – 3 fingers. There are no cables connected to anything else and it gives the worker complete use of both hands. This is key to improve speed as well as reduce the chances of a package being dropped.

The device weighs only 435 grams and measures 87 x 138 x 58 mm (3.4” x 5.4” x 2.3”). Light and small enough to carry around for a full day. The ergonomic design is comfortable and keeps employees healthy.

SP500X wearable ScanPrinter

6000 scan and prints – nonstop

SP500X has a 3.8V battery with 4000mAh. This translates to roughly 6000 scans and prints or about 4 hours between every charge. The battery is easily removed and you can have several batteries for a single device, making sure there is no downtime.

The inkjet printer has been developed in partnership with HP. It’s smudge-free and prints on plain paper, kraft paper, packing tape, coated labels, polypropylene, polyester or polyethylene plastic.

One ink cartridge can print 6000 times, the same amount one battery charge can handle. Replacing both at the same time is convenient and saves time. Visit Handheld’s official site for the complete SP500X tech specs.

A leap in logistics efficiency

Handheld founder, Jerker Hellström calls the SP500X ground-breaking and he is probably right. In the logistics business the expression “time is money” is more true than ever. Speed is simply essential to keep customers happy.

With the wearable ScanPrinter more packages can be handled in less time, improving both customer satisfaction and profitability. Add the fact that the worker will drop fewer packages with both hands-free and it looks even better.

The all-in-one solution will also offer greater accuracy. With a direct link between the ScanPrinter and the backend, in combination with the 2-second package handling, it would be really hard to label the wrong package.

As previously mentioned the worker will also have complete mobility and be freed up to go wherever he needs to be. With all these benefits the SP500X ScanPrinter will undoubtedly have a major impact.