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Android Oreo (Go edition): Ready. Set. Go.

For entry-level smartphones, Google has brought together the Android Oreo (Go Edition). It keeps them lean, fast and safe. Learn more in this video-article.

About Android Oreo (Go edition)

For entry-level smartphones with 1GB of RAM or less Google now provides a powerful experience which they claim to be:

The best of Android, built with new and reimagined Google apps, so even the most affordable Android smartphones are lean, fast and safer than ever before.

Android Oreo

Key features

Below we listed the key features of Android Oreo (Go edition):

  • Mass storage – Since apps takes smaller space in Android Oreo (Go Edition) more storage space is created. The increased control over how your content is stored also makes room for more storage.
  • Better performance – The enhanced apps create a fast, smooth smartphone experience that enables you to email, get answers, find directions, and play games faster than ever.
  • Data savings – The built-in data manager and comes with more options to help you save, enabling you to have a better control over your data.
  • Security – Google Play Protect is now included in these entry-level smartphones giving them the same key security features as Android Oreo, (built-in mobile security that keeps your apps and data safe, 24/7).
  • App developers – Google teamed up with app developers to bring a brand new and equally reliable suite of apps to the forefront of your smartphone.

Learn more about Android Oreo (Go edition).

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