Smart new features in the Windows 10 May Update

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Microsoft has now started to roll out the Windows 10 May Update. It doesn’t really include any radical changes, but a couple of smart new features.

Since the launch of Windows 10 in mid-2015, Microsoft has usually pushed out bigger updates in the spring and in the fall annually, and despite the current global circumstances, 2020 is no exception.

What’s in the update

So what new features are Microsoft delivering in this update? Below we highlighted some of them.

  • Improved Task Manager – The Windows 10 Task Manager now displays your disk type which will make it easier to see what hardware you’ve got on your computer.
  • Name your Virtual Desktops – Previously Virtual Desktops have been named “Desktop 1” or “Desktop 2”. With the Windows 10 May Update, you can use more descriptive names when expanding desktops to organize your tasks.
  • Bluetooth Improvements – Pairing Bluetooth devices will now be easier and faster since everything will be done with notifications instead of having to go into settings on your computer.
  • WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) 2 – This update includes version 2 of WSL which uses a real Linux kernel providing a more powerful and full-featured Linux experience in Windows 10.

Find more information about the new features in the Windows 10 May Update on Microsoft’s blog.

How to get it

See the video below telling you how to get the Windows 10 May Update.

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