Navigate your device hands-free with Google’s Voice Access app

Google Voice Access app

Google recently launched their Voice Access app that lets Android users navigate through apps, compose and edit text without having to use their hands.

The Voice Access app

In comparison to other voice commands on the market today, the Voice Access app lets you use your voice to click buttons and commands in the OS. You can also scroll or navigate app screens using just your voice.

The app also allows you to compose and edit a text message simply by saying “Ok Google,” and then select your preferred app with the “open” command. After that, you’ll just speak the number displayed next to the text field and start to say your message.

To edit your message you can use phrases like “replace”,  “delete the line” or “undo”. When satisfied with your text just say “stop listening”.

Voice access app screenshot

Inside the Voice Access app, you have several options to control your device.

Aimed for users with mobility impairments

Controlling your device with just your voice can be useful in many different situations. Google says that everyone can benefit from hands-free support, but the app can prove to be crucial for people with mobility impairments.

For example, there are 62 million people in the U.S. alone with motor and mobility impairments. It’s believed that individuals with Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, spinal cord injury and more can draw great benefits of the app.

A useful tool for workers who has their hands full

But there aren’t only people with a disability who can find use from the app. Google gives an example that people juggling with groceries in the middle of cooking will be provided a great value of the app.

For those who have their hands full at a worksite, the app can also be a superb tool. Imagine having your rugged device in a vehicle dock while your hands are busy operating the vehicle. Using the Voice Access app in a situation like this, you can easily control your device just fine with your voice.

Rugged tablet docked in a vehicle cradle

The Voice Access app can be a useful tool in situations like this one.

The app is available globally but currently only supports English commands. Support for additional languages will come in the future.

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