ces 2019 royole foldable mobile device in showcase area

Innovative tech showcased at CES 2019

CES 2019

The annual CES event is known for showcasing some of the most innovative and strange new technologies. And this year’s edition didn’t let anyone down in either category.

Even though the event itself is mainly aimed at the consumer market, we thought we might do a little roundup to highlight the tech that might have an impact on rugged mobile devices.

Flexible and foldable screens

One of those things is the development of screens. A thing that seems to be written in stone nowadays is; the bigger the screen, the better. But, the devices should also be as compact and mobile as possible…

A company called Royole have gone a bit further and developed a foldable device that will give you the possibility to have a screen on both sides of your device. It’s named FlexPai and it drew a lot of attention at the CES 2019. Here’s what it looks like.

The best from CES 2019

To dig in a bit deeper on all of the best bits from the event, we recommend CNET’s YouTube-playlist guiding you through everything from flying taxis and vehicles with moving legs to rollable OLED screens.

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