Handheld announces the SP500X ScanPrinter

On the 18th of August 2021 Handheld officially unveiled their new wearable device the SP500X ScanPrinter. SP500X is the first of its kind and aims to effectivize logistics operations. The device is a completely wireless wearable that is lightweight and mounted on the back of your hand. 

Scan, Send, Receive, Print

When a package is received the user scans it with the SP500X which then sends the information to the backend system. The system then returns the printing information and the user prints the address or code directly on the package. All of this happens within 2 seconds. This has the potential to be game-changing for big logistics centers where thousands of items pass through each day.

According to Handheld, the 2-D printer is capable of printing directly on several surfaces. Plain paper, kraft paper, packing tape, coated labels, polypropylene, polyester and polyethylene plastic, it works on all of them. Check out the official presentation and demonstration by Handheld founder, Jerker Hellström, in the clip below.

Mobility that saves time

The SP500X ScanPrinter is a true wearable that is completely wireless. It frees up both of the workers’ hands allowing for the safe handling of packages. At the same time, it will allow workers to move around freely, anywhere in the facilities, since it is equipped with both wi-fi and Bluetooth. No more running back and forth to stationary printers.

More to come from Handheld?

In the official press release, Handheld announced that the SP500X would be the first device in their new product segment, Rugged Wearables. With a new product segment, we can hopefully expect more innovative wearables from Handheld in the future.