how to speed up logistics with the SP500X
In the Field

SP500X – How to speed up logistics 101

The SP500X ScanPrinter was designed with one simple goal – to speed up logistics. While the goal is simple the device itself might seem complex, however, it is surprisingly easy to use. So will the SP500X achieve that goal? The answer is yes, it’s already performing for one of the biggest logistics companies in the world.

The ScanPrinter was actually developed in close collaboration with the logistics giant. The company was looking at accelerating package volumes and global supply chain issues fueled by the pandemic. To stay on top of their game they needed to speed up their package handling. Enter the SP500X. Right from the start the device was tested in a real working environment and instant feedback was provided directly from the workers. Those same workers are now enjoying the benefits of the finished product aiding them in their everyday work.

Speeding up logistics

Before the SP500X was in use the workers at the logistics company had to drag around a trolley loaded with a PC, printer and scanner. The process required three workers to unload the packages, scan and sort them and then finally print out and place the new label.

The process was not very efficient, packages risked being mislabeled and each employee had to be trained to use several devices.

The ScanPrinter somehow provided a way to address all of the issues at once and the package handling saw some radical changes. With the wearable SP500X, one worker could handle the entire process on his own. One person can now scan, print and sort the packages without ever turning their back to the packages.

Essentially one person can now perform the job previously done by three and one device is completing all the tasks that used to require three or more to do. The time savings are huge and with the employee constantly watching the packages the number of errors was greatly reduced. It also relieved the person of dragging around a trolley with bulky equipment. The only thing that now needs to be carried during relocations is the 435 gram ScanPrinter.

Saving time, money and the environment

The SP500X is speeding up the logistics process in several ways. A more efficient process obviously reduces the company’s cost. The ScanPrinter is constantly connected by wifi to the backend system and as scans are performed the correct data is automatically sent back for printing the label. The entire process is so fast that a single worker can now complete up to 1250 scans and prints in an hour.

On top of all these benefits, the need for paper labels has been completely eliminated. The logistics giant has estimated that they have eliminated 1300 tons of label paper from their business. This is a huge amount and will not only cut the costs but also have a big positive environmental impact.

The SP500X has now been deployed in several of the logistic company’s warehouses and package handling sites. It’s now sorting at least 1,5 million packages every day. The company has saved a mind-blowing $18,8 million in operating costs so far and is expecting to save another $11,8 million. Impressive numbers to say the least. Read the entire case study of how the SP500X ScanPrinter can speed up logistics over at