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CES 2023 Highlights

The Consumer Electronics Show has been running for more than 50 years and is possibly the most influential trade show worldwide. Last week CES 2023 made a comeback in Las Vegas with more than twice the attendance of the 2022 event. Over 3200 exhibitors filled the conference floor and as usual, it was packed with new and exciting tech gadgets.

CES 2023 Highlights

Recapping all of the amazing technology on display at the CES 2023 in one article would basically be impossible. Instead, we went ahead and picked out some of the most interesting and innovative products. Some of them are fairly odd. Here are five of our favorite gadgets from the trade show.

Dyson Zone

dyson zone ces 2023
Image: Dyson

Dyson, the company most known for their vacuum cleaners, showed off a very steam-punk-looking headset. It’s a combination of a pair of noise-canceling headphones and a face mask and, believe it or not, it’s actually not Covid inspired. The project has been in development for more than 6 years. In fact, it won’t help much against viruses at all, the protection it provides is designed to deal with air pollution. While they might look cumbersome, testers at CES 2023 called it relatively comfortable. Dyson Zone will be available for purchase in January this year and provide a break from both noise- and air pollution in smog-filled cities.

Cray X

Cray X is a wearable exoskeleton that aids workers with manual labor. It’s designed with industries like construction and logistics in mind where repeated lifts are common. It gives the lower back protective support and provides up to 30 kg (66 lb) of extra lifting power. Cray X also provides assistance for walking which helps keep the users fresh longer. The combination makes it the only exoskeleton on the market that provides both. A great tool to improve working conditions and keep the laborer healthy.

Withing U-Scan

Image: Withings

Wearable health trackers are everywhere now, most commonly built into bracelets, watches, or rings. The new health-tracking device that generated the most buzz at CES 2023 is none of the above. It’s actually stationary and you place it in your toilet. Yes, you read that right the Withings U-Scan is built to be placed in your toilet. The cartridges in the U-Scan measure the biomarkers in the urine which lets it track a bunch of things that a smart wristband can’t. It monitors things like pH- and ketone levels as well as hormone levels for tracking the female monthly cycle.


braillewear ces 2023
Image: Orama AI

Orama AI has created the super smart glove, BrailleWear. It’s an aid for helping people learn braille faster. When you put the glove on it will read the braille as you run your hand along it and convert it to speech in real-time. So as a person feels the dots they will get the words read out loud simultaneously. The smart glove makes the process of learning braille both simpler, cheaper, and faster.


OVR technologies unveiled their latest VR-addon at CES 2023 and it smells. Literary. The add-on is designed to add all kinds of different scents to virtual reality experiences. According to the company, it should provide an extra level of depth to the technology. Smell does affect how we react to different situations so the technology could very well add a layer that takes it to a new level.