Elmia Wood 2017

John Deere at Elmia Wood 2017
Written by Daniel Gren

Elmia Wood is the world’s largest forestry fair.

Earlier this Year we visited Elmia Wood, the worlds largest forestry fair. We gathered some pictures from the fair that we wanted to share with you here. If you go to Elmia Wood you’ll find all the latest forestry products and services, as well as seeing the latest high tech-solution.

Here are some numbers from this Year’s fair

– 555 exhibitors from 28 countries, of which 200 were here for the first time
– 85,000 sq.m. of stand space
– 7 km. forest trail
– 131,000 sq.m. of demo area where forest machines were shown in operation
– 143 large-scale forest machines along the fair’s large-scale trail
– More than 200 accredited journalists from 24 countries

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So as you can see, it’s a pretty large fair overall. Now here is something you’ve all been waiting for – our images from the fair: