In the Field

3 reasons why every warehousing facility should be equipped with rugged computers

Warehousing can look intimidating to the naked eye. Loads upon loads of boxed filled with products stacked as high as the ceiling. One might wonder how they keep track of what they have in stock and where everything is? I have the answer and it is… You guessed it, rugged computers.

Make your life easier

Working in a warehouse can be stressful. It is your job as a warehouse worker to get the right products to the right customer and hopefully do it in a timely manner. This means you will have to work efficiently and keep track of what you are doing to avoid all possible errors.

Successful management of inventory

Keeping track of your inventory is crucial for your company’s success and that is why you need barcode scanning. With rugged computers equipped with barcode scanning, you can easily scan your inventory and get real-time data to keep track of what is in stock. Not having a barcode scanner is just not an option.

Durable equipment is essential

Warehouses are often rather rugged environments. With concrete floors and heavy machinery, you need strong durable equipment.

The Handheld NAUTIZ X41 comes with programmable function keys and a physical scan button, perfect for tasks in the warehouse.

With a rugged computer, you won’t have to worry about the strong vibrations impacting your computer as you drive your forklift and you certainly don’t have to worry if you happen to drop your computer on those concrete floors, which in my experience happens more than one would think.

So if you work in warehousing, just trust me and go get yourself a rugged computer and thank me later.