Windows 10 integrates Linux in the File Explorer

linux in windows 10

In early April, Microsoft released a new test build where Windows 10 integrates Linux in the File Explorer meaning Windows moves even closer to Linux.

Easier access to Linux files

The ability to access Linux files in Windows has been available since Windows 1903 by running virtual Linux systems through WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux). But in Windows 10 build 19603, you’re able to reach the file system in your Linux system directly from the File Explorer.

When having WSL installed, you’ll see the Linux logo on the left-hand side in the File Explorer giving you access to the Linux root file system without having to run the Linux system.

Windows 10 Build 19603

In the new preview Build 19603, Microsoft also included User cleanup recommendations. The feature will gather unused files and apps in the storage settings making it easier for users to clean their devices.

The User cleanup recommendations tool will help remove unused files with a few clicks.

To see what else Microsoft announced, see their complete blog post here.

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