What’s cool for developers in the Windows 10 April Update

News in Windows 10 April Update

Earlier this spring, Microsoft launched their Windows 10 April Update. In previous articles, we’ve highlighted some of the features that came with the update.

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But the update also provides new possibilities for developers. Microsoft states that developers should be able to make their apps more personal, natural and intuitive with the Windows 10 April Update.

Windows 10 April Update
Developers will be able to make their apps more personal according to Microsoft.

Listed below are the updated features:

  • Windows ML – Machine learning can now be integrated into apps.
  • Fluent Design System – New design opportunities for improved appearance of apps.
  • User activities and timeline – Possibilities to create apps that work seamlessly on all of the users’ devices.
  • Windows Mixed Reality – Developers can now design immersive apps for users with VR-headsets.
  • Progressive Web Apps – Progressive Web Apps can now be installed across the entire UWP device family, with full access to Windows 10 features and offline support.
  • Windows Ink – Let’s you provide users with a natural way to draw digital handwritten creations.

See how the features work in the video on top of this page.

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