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Welcome to RuggedInformer.com

Welcome to RuggedInformer.com!

RuggedInformer.com is a blog run by the team at Handheld. At Handheld, we talk rugged computers all day long. Most of us here have a long background working with rugged computers. We’ve been around as devices got have gotten tougher, smaller, more robust, more affordable and we’ve seen them grow into an integral component of many a mobile worker’s toolkit.

RuggedInformer.com will cover the latest industry news, how-to guides, cool videos, events around the world, articles on the technology behind rugged computers and much more. We hope to not only to give a better understanding of all things rugged and mobile.

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Take a look around. We hope you find the content useful and informative. You’ll find a few key sections:

Where we publish the latest news

All about rugged
In this category, we publish articles about ruggedness testing, rugged specs and IP-ratings.

The Technology
Here, you’ll find tech details, deeper articles about screens, chips, GPS, and more

In the field
In this category, you’ll find field work stories, rugged computer case studies and deployment details.

On the Road
Find our more from major trade shows and exhibitions, including photos and reports.

From time to time we will share video content, beacuse it’s always more fun with moving images.

And then there is contact, but we don’t need to explain that, right?

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RuggedInformer.com will hopefully give you insight into the world of rugged computing, what happens in the factory, out in the field and at various events. We’ll also let you know about the latest tech news, technical details and the workings of the rugged computer channels and business.

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