Top 5 features of the Handheld NAUTIZ X6

The Handheld Nautiz X6 has the look and size of a smartphone but still manages to do the job of a tablet. This rugged handheld has been designed to withstand the harshest of outdoor environments. Dave Cawsey, Managing Director of Handheld UK, shares his top five features of his favorite device. Here’s what makes the Nautiz X6 a standout choice in the rugged handheld market.

1. Ultra-Rugged Design

The Nautiz X6 is an ultra-rugged device, boasting an impressive IP67 rating. It’s sealed against dust and can handle being completely submerged in water. The Nautiz X6 is built to a military standard, ensuring it can withstand drops from up to 1,5 meters on concrete. It’s also resistant to shocks, vibrations, and can handle extreme temperatures. This ruggedness makes it a reliable companion for fieldwork in even the harshest environments.

2. Huge Battery

Compared to other devices of the same size, Nautiz X6 has a gigantic 8000mAh battery. That is almost twice the size of the average smartphone. The large battery ensures longevity, allowing for extended use away from power sources. If you need to bring the device far from civilization for several days, that’s no problem either. The battery is user-replaceable so just bring a spare.

3. Google AER and GMS Certification

The Nautiz X6 comes with both Google AER and GMS certifications. This means that it’s recommended for professional use by Android and certified to use all of the most popular apps from Google. Along with Handheld’s MaxGo applications and kiosk browser, this certification allows for a secure enterprise environment, enhancing the device’s suitability for professional use even further.

4. Flexibility

The Nautiz X6 is the most flexible device in Handheld’s range. It can be equipped with a barcode reader for warehouse and logistics operations, an RFID reader for asset data collection, and even an RTK high-precision GPS antenna for accurate mapping and GIS applications.

5. Wide Range of Accessories

Along with the possibility of adding an RTK antenna, RFID reader, or barcode scanner, the Nautiz X6 is compatible with a wide range of other accessories. From hand straps and carry cases to desktops and vehicle docks. These accessories allow for a highly customized user experience.

The Handheld Nautiz X6 is not only ultra-rugged, but it’s also a device that easily can be adapted to fit almost any situation. With its long-lasting battery, a wide range of accessories, Google AER and GMS certification, it is a reliable and efficient choice for anyone in need of a rugged handheld device. No matter the job, you won’t go wrong with the Nautiz X6.