descartes shiptrack certified for sp500x scanprinter

ShipTrack is now certified for use with the SP500X Scanprinter

Handheld Group officially announced the news on May 3rd, the Descartes ShipTrack app is now certified for use with the SP500X ScanPrinter. The Handheld made hardware should line up nicely with the software from Descartes as the main purpose of both is to make logistics run both smoother and faster. The two have seamless integration and help each other, and of course the user, to carefully track the location of packages and where they are going.

In a world where the supply chains of basically every business are under a lot of pressure, it’s never been more complex to keep track and optimize the logistics process. At the same time, e-commerce is booming and the end customer is demanding faster and faster deliveries. Having the right solution for quick and accurate package handling is undoubtedly key.

Descartes ShipTrack

ShipTrack is a software solution designed to help effectivize logistics. It helps with tracking the current location of each package as well as where it is supposed to go. This information continuously updates the company’s ERP and any other linked platforms. For example, it can be linked with e-commerce platforms so the end customer can track the packages on their own. 

ShipTrack also helps the drivers making the deliveries, offering tools like route optimization and proof of delivery. The company also gets GPS tracking of the vehicles and with an instant dispatch feature, you can quickly assign deliveries to the best available driver.

SP500X ScanPrinter

Handhelds SP500X ScanPrinter is a one-of-a-kind wearable device with scanning and printing built into one. As a package arrives for sorting it scans the barcode for information and then prints the instructions directly on the package. It frees up the user’s hands and completely removes the need for printing paper labels.

Sorting a package with the SP500X can be done in as little as 2 seconds, from scan to print. It’s a great solution for quickly sorting packages and making sure they reach the right destination accurately.

The integration and the synergy

A company using both the SP500X ScanPrinter and Descartes ShipTrack will not only get twice the effectivization, it will also get seamless integration. As a package is scanned by the SP500X it will instantly communicate with the ShipTrack system. ShipTrack returns information about where it should be heading next. This information is then printed directly onto the package by then ScanPrinter.

This all happens in about 2 seconds and the package is effectively sent on to the correct location. ShipTrack and the company database is also updated with the latest location of the packages. No paper checklists and no printed labels. Automated systems and a much more efficient logistics process.