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Rugged tablets cut down on mining downtime

There’s a relentless pursuit of enhanced efficiency spanning every industry and most of it is achieved by implementing smart tech solutions. However, the fragile nature of most devices makes this more challenging when you operate in punishing environments. One example that requires some extremely rugged solutions is drilling crews. Here is how Algiz tablets help the crews reduce mining downtime.

Harsh environments require tough tech

There’s no doubt that the mining sector is a punishing environment and the equipment will take a beating. Vibrations, dirt, water and that is just the start of the challenges that Axis Mining Technology faces when they develop advanced surveying equipment for the industry. Equipment that’s essential to keep the drilling going and reduce downtime of costly mining machinery.

James Hunter, the Technical Director of Axis Mining Technology, faced quite a challenge when he started his search for a Tablet to implement into the company’s Champ Gyro geological surveying solution.

“The tablet needs to be at the drill site all the time, and if it’s not possible to charge it, then being able to hot-swap batteries is important. All that has to happen in a tough mining environment, with minimal breakages and downtime. And preferably, they should be repairable to lower total cost of ownership.”

James Hunter

Algiz – The right tablet for reducing mining downtime

The tablet not only needed to be ultra-rugged and work non-stop at the drill site. It also had to be capable of handling a multitude of tasks at once. Acting as a surveying field controller, GIS unit, data collector, and communications unit that provides the on-site geologist with real-time data.

The choice landed on Handheld Groups Algiz tablet, an IP65-rated truly rugged device that lives up to the strict MIL-STD-810G standard. The powerful tablet is equipped with all the performance needed to handle all the data collecting and communication and its hot-swappable batteries ensure no downtime.

Diamond drilling with Algiz and Champ Gyro

The drilling crews use diamond-core rods to survey and pull samples to ensure the site contains the right minerals or natural resources. The Champ Gyro gyroscopic survey tool is loaded into the drill rod and connected to a depth counter. Both the depth counter and the gyroscopic survey tool are paired with the Algiz tablet with BlueTooth.

Champ Gyro sends depth information back to the Algiz tablet and runs surveys at the correct depths. The Champ Gyro software, installed on the tablet, processes the surveying data and displays it to the driller on the screen of the tablet. The data is then uploaded to Axis cloud platform to be reviewed by a geologist.

With the quick data transfer, the geologist can see whether the drill hole has reached the target depth and subsurface coordinates or if it needs a correction. Within minutes the geologist can direct the drilling crew on how to proceed. Critical decisions are made quickly, the communication between the crew and the site manager runs seamlessly and the expensive machinery avoids downtime.

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