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New updates for Microsoft Office users on mobile devices

Office suite on Android device

Microsoft Office constantly updates and improves their apps. Here are some of the latest updates for Outlook, Powerpoint, and Word.

Office Suite improvements for Android

It’s been a busy summer when talking updates in the Office suite for Android. Starting in June, Microsoft released features such as choosing favorite folders and groups in Outlook and the option to colorize hyperlinks in Powerpoint after your choice.

Later on, in July, a welcomed “Do not disturb” mode was introduced together with the ability to delete contacts in Outlook. So, it’s safe to say that Microsoft is working hard on pleasing the users of these apps.

Many of these updates originally come from users, or “Office Insiders”, which are the first to see and try the new functions within the apps. Microsoft also states how invaluable the feedback is from their users, which shows in some of the updates that have been provided after general request.

Latest updates for Outlook, Powerpoint, and Word

In the latest update released now in August, the updates are distributed quite even between the apps in the Office suite. The only program not receiving an update this time is Excel.

Microsoft Office

Starting with Outlook, Microsoft has just like many other communication services begun to show all files that belong to a group that you’re working with. You’ll now find them directly from the group information page. You should also be able to perform quick replies in the context of a conversation.

Moving over to Powerpoint we’ve gotten ourselves some improvements regarding the ability to zoom in your presentations. Whether you’re editing or reviewing your presentation, you can simply pinch to get a closer look at something. The app also easily flips between portrait and landscape orientation. Furthermore, you can now insert audio and video files from your device straight into the presentation.

Lastly, a minor update to the Word app also has to be mentioned. You can now zoom snap to fit the document to your device, wasting no screen space.

Hopefully, you find a good use for these new updates in your mobile organization. If not, you can become an Office Insider here, and contribute to future updates.

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