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Microsoft Teams grows and gets new features

Microsoft Teams grows

Microsoft Teams has now been around for three years and is right now flourishing more than ever before. During the timespan of one week in March, the application saw an increase of 12 million daily active users (37,5%).

Much of this, of course, is due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, and the fact that many people basically are forced to use communication platforms such as Microsoft Teams.

New features added

Along with the growth, the application is also adding new features for its users. Below we list some of them:

  • Real-time noise suppression – By analyzing a user’s audio feed using AI this new feature will automatically remove background noise during meetings.
  • Better quality during poor connection – New algorithmic improvements will enable greater audio quality even under overloaded and lost networks.
  • Integration with head-mounted devices – A new integration with head-mounted devices aims to help field workers communicate with external experts on the worksite.
  • Raise a hand in meetings – This new feature will help identify when someone in a meeting wishes to speak. A visual cue will be seen in the app making it easier for everyone to participate in the conversation.

Here’s an example illustrating how the noise suppression feature will help if you occasionally would like to enjoy some potato chips during a meeting…

See all the new features on the Microsoft Teams Blog.

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