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Looking forward – 6 tech trends for 2024

As 2023 is rapidly coming to an end we bring out the crystal ball and try to predict the big tech trends for the upcoming year. Here are 4 technology fields that could take the next step in 2024.

4 exciting tech trends for 2024

1 – Artificial Intelligence

In 2023 Artificial Intelligence broke through in a major way in the form of generative AI tools for text and images. In 2024 there is no reason to believe that this tech trend will slow down in any way. The tools will become more sophisticated and the application areas will increase. Expect advanced tools for predictive analysis, diagnostics, and more industry-specific applications.

We should also expect AI to get way better at interacting with users in their native language. Right now the results in English are generally on another level than almost any other language. It’s also going to be interesting to see how the discussion and legislation around AI and ethics will evolve. 

2 – Quantum Computing

Quantum computers are a new breed of machines that can solve problems and process data exponentially faster than regular computers. It’s a rapidly evolving field with enormous potential but the technology is still very fresh and it’s facing several problems. Quantum systems are sensitive to environmental interference, which can easily cause errors. They’re also very expensive, both to build and maintain.

If some of these problems can be solved, quantum computing could become one of the biggest tech trends of 2024 and revolutionize most industries. They have the ability to model complex molecular structures, which has the potential to rapidly develop new medicines. They’re also well suited to solving complex logistics problems and optimizing workflow.

3 – Green Technology

Green tech, or clean tech as it is often referred to, focuses on creating environmentally friendly solutions and reducing human impact on the environment. It encompasses a wide range of industries and technologies and is a tech trend that is critical for our future. A further shift towards renewable energy, replacing fossil fuels and improving energy efficiency. 

Some very promising solutions already exist and perhaps 2024 will be the year that some of them see a bigger adoption. Floating solar panels are one such solution that not only provides green energy but also conserves water by preventing evaporation. Carbon capture plants are another example of a promising technology that could see further adoption. They suck carbon emissions right out of the air and erase our past mistakes.

4 – Autonomous Vehicles

Self-driving cars, drones, and other autonomous vehicles are all advancing quickly as sensors and algorithms are improving. The first tech trend on our list, Artificial Intelligence, is going to help drive the evolution of autonomous vehicles by processing data from all their sensors. On top of the AI improvements, there are also rapidly improving computer chips as well as computing capabilities.

How autonomous a vehicle is considered is based on a scale from 0 to 5, where level 0 is no automation and level 5 is fully automated. Currently, most are at level 2 or 3, meaning some driving tasks are automated but human intervention is still required. Hopefully, in the upcoming year, autonomous vehicles will take the next step and level up. Perhaps 2024 could be the year when we start seeing autonomous drones start delivering packages on a larger scale.