Nautiz X9 with Rugged Accessories
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How to choose the right rugged accessories

What type of rugged computer are you using?

For every rugged device, there’s a lot of accessories to choose from. You’ve probably already gotten yourself some standard necessities such as SD cards etc. But, to ensure that your device keeps up with all your demands, there are lots of accessories that can streamline your daily tasks.

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Rugged computers
Rugged computers come in different sizes and have different purposes.

Depending on what kind of rugged computer you’ve chosen, the range of accessories varies. If your organization only use rugged handhelds, you might be looking for pistol grips to easier perform scanning tasks. If you, on the other hand, only uses rugged tablets, you might be more interested in things like shoulder carriers for a smoother workflow.

So, the range of accessories decreases a bit if you only use one type of device. But if you’ve deployed both rugged handhelds and rugged tablets, there’s still a lot to choose from!

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In which industry do you operate?

By declaring which industry you operate in, or in which environment your devices mostly will be used, you narrow down the range of accessories a bit further.

We’ve covered most of the industries where rugged computers can help streamline your workflow here.

As mentioned earlier, pistol grips are a popular accessory and a perfect fit for those working in logistics or warehousing, or those who perform any kind of scanning tasks. There are also options to include RFID readers.

If you operate within GIS/Mapping or forestry, you might have started to look at pole mounts for your device, and rightly so. Many pole mounts now have a built-in spirit level and compass making them an effective tool in the field. Combine them with a shoulder carrier, your device’s intelligent features, and you’ve got everything you need to gather data in an effective and flexible way.

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Rugged tablet vehicle cradle
Vehicle cradles are useful within many industries. The device in this solution is a Handheld Algiz 8X Rugged Tablet.

For rugged computers that are set to be used in vehicles, there’s often a cradle suitable specifically to your device. It keeps your computer steady and provides you with vital information no matter where your job takes you. These kind of accessories are a common solution for people working within public safety, military, construction, agriculture and public transportation, but can, of course, be useful for others as well.

Accessories that completes your rugged solution

Now you’ve probably identified your main accessory, or accessories, that you were looking for. But we need to mention a few more that’ll make your rugged solution complete.

To get rid of the struggles with charging cables when getting back to the office with your device, you should really consider a desktop cradle. There’s also cradles with multi slots so that you can charge and monitor several devices simultaneously.

Rugged handheld desktop cradle
Recharge your units without hassle by using a multi-slot cradle.

If you’re looking to avoid spending too much time on charging your devices, you may look for additional batteries. Even though many rugged computers have powerful long-lasting batteries, it’s always good to have a back-up available.

Many devices also work with hot-swappable batteries, meaning you never have to interrupt your work to get more battery power on the go.

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