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How rugged computers streamline the agriculture industry

Taking advantage of the latest innovations

By implementing rugged computers into agriculture operations, loads of new technologies and opportunities become available for your mobile workforce.

Rugged PDAs and rugged tablets can run irrigation control systems, track livestock with RFID, and more, all in order for you to manage your business more profitably.

Dig into the different areas below on how rugged computers streamline the agriculture industry.

Soil sampling

Collecting soil samples information is critical for producers. Thankfully, rugged mobile computers can help store huge amounts of data such as nutrient profiles, fertilizer data, soil type, and more.

The computers can either be used as readout devices with their sunlight readable displays, or as data collectors with industry-dedicated applications.

Except for bringing extreme ruggedness being IP-certificated and MIL-STD-810G tested, these devices often come with extra-long battery life powering through the longest shifts in the field.

Crop scouting

The mobility of rugged computers also comes in handy for growers and agronomists walking and observing a field for maximum crop yield.

By using mobile field scouting apps the devices can perform a range of tasks such as detailed reporting, real-time GIS displays, and vital communication.

Rugged computers can heavily improve agriculture operations with all the new technology coming with them.

Animal tagging

Speaking of mobility, accessories such as sturdy vehicle cradles are also a benefit of turning to a rugged computer. They can assist livestock managers in the field whether they’re on foot, on an ATV, or a truck.

Combined with suitable applications for the purpose, data entry features make it easy to scan RFID tags and collect or enter values such as sex, weight, vaccination status, and more for animals.

The information can then be transferred from the field to office computers for in-depth analysis.

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