handheld algiz 10x vehicle docked in Icelandic ambulance
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How rugged computers improve fieldwork within public safety

The latest developments of rugged tablets and PDAs have made them an ideal mobile tool for fire departments, police departments, rescue services, emergency medical services and all other areas within public safety.

Rugged computers for EMS

Rugged tablets can either be mounted and used in ambulances or undocked and carried in hand. They can handle navigation to accident scenes and assist in status reporting, including the classification of a patient’s condition.

The Handheld Algiz 10X used in a remote healthcare solution.

Telematic Medical Applications, based in Athens, Greece, is using Handheld Algiz 10X rugged tablets to provide remote healthcare for shipping companies and other employers who operate in remote locations. The ultra-rugged tablet enables vital communication with physicians across long distances for better medical care and reducing unnecessary emergency costs.

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Rugged computers for law enforcement

Forensic analysts can also improve their success rates with rugged mobile solutions. Crimes can be committed in outdoor or remote locations, where investigators encounter extreme temperatures, rain, wind and dust that may compromise evidence.

Public safety professionals using the Handheld Nautiz X8.

At events and border crossings in Belarus, public safety professionals are using an inconspicuous backpack-carried radiation detection solution built on the Handheld Nautiz X8. The PDA uses its GPS, GPRS, Wi-Fi, and BT functionalities together with a radiation detector from ATOMTEX to capture and geo-reference data.

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