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How rugged computers improve construction management

The right technology

Working on a construction site includes risks for both workers and the technology they use. By using rugged computers, project managers and their personnel are equipped with reliable technology to carry out construction tasks in a safe and efficient way.

The latest rugged handhelds and rugged tablets on the market come with innovative solutions such as glove and rain mode, sunlight-readable displays, and of course, extreme ruggedness. They withstand repeated drops, dust and water exposure and a wide range of temperatures, making them a perfect fit for rough construction sites.

On the multi-touch displays on rugged computers (often strengthened with Gorilla Glass), workers can view structural drawings and maps, perform calculations, track material, and collect and share data.

Increased safety

As mentioned briefly earlier in this article, construction sites often include risks and actually have among the highest rate of workplace injuries of any industry. By decreasing response time to incidents that occur, rugged computers can actually help prevent these workplace risks.

Site managers can easily view project and crew information on their rugged handhelds, making sure that specific tasks are performed by only qualified personnel. The devices can also be used as the storage platform for first-aid instructions and workers’ medical information for faster incident response.

Streamlined operations

Even if innovative technology and safety are of the highest interest for construction workers, greater efficiency is what it all comes down to. When they are equipped with reliable tools such as rugged computers, operations can proceed on schedule with minimal disruption.

Contractors working on Norway’s Ryfast tunnel megaproject are using rugged tablets from Handheld.

For example, building a subsea roadway tunnel through hard rock requires incredible precision, meticulous planning and reliable computers. They can help automate surveying tasks, using electro-optical scanning to measure angles, distances and coordinates. Then, directly from a rugged tablet, crews can set precise explosive blast patterns and control drilling equipment based on these site profiles.

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