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Android 11 has arrived – Here are the major features


In Android, you’ll be able to use all your messaging apps from the same spot – conversation bubbles. By pinning your conversations, they’ll always appear on top of other apps giving you access to your chats anytime.

Content capture

This time around, we’ve got screen recording built right into Android 11. So now you don’t have download a third-party app to perform actions like this.

Android also gives you the opportunity to record sound during your screen recording, either with sound from your mic, your device, or both. Furthermore, you’re able to show touches on the screen to easily show the exact navigation path to a setting for example.

App permissions

As seen in the Android 11 Developer Preview version, the app permissions has been improved in the final version of Android 11.

Apps that need your mic, camera or location can be given one-time permission, meaning it has to ask for permission to use this feature of your device the next time you launch that specific app.

Permissions can also be auto-reset for apps that you haven’t used in a while, in order for it to not keep accessing your data.

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