Rugged tablet Algiz 8X is used for Vending machine maintenance
In the Field

Speeding up vending machine maintenance

Algiz 8X – the perfect rugged hardware for the job

Performing vending machine check-ups and staying up-to-date on the inventory with Algiz rugged tablets

When vending machine technicians needed an efficient way to keep track of inventory and perform maintenance, Handheld’s Algiz 8X rugged Windows tablet in combination with Altux TuxtMAT software creates the perfect digital toolbox.

Handheld Algiz 8X and Altux TuxyMAT simplify vending machine work

Sometimes you get the feeling that the world is much smaller than you would think.  Andreas Hitz, Managing Director of Handheld Swiss, got to experience that feeling during an exhibition in Bern. When attending the event, he spotted a worker performing a check-up on a vending machine using a Algiz 8X rugged tablet. Always interested in how Handheld devices are being used, he headed over to check on the process.

Man uses the rugged tablet Algiz 8X Vending machine maintenance

Staying on top of inventory

When a technician arrives at the location of a vending machine, he connects the Algiz 8X Windows tablet to the vending machine and reads the data. Detailed information is displayed, showing what’s been sold and what needs to be refilled and in what quantity. 

This is not only a fill-it-to-the-brim approach, Altux TuxyMAT software performs dynamic calculations and suggests an optimal quantity. On top of that, it also suggests how much money should be loaded into the machine to provide change for the customers with the goal of having enough to be functional but also reducing the risk of theft.

Updating the Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP)

This data is sent to the ERP system so the company can keep track of the money as well as stay up-to-date on the inventory. Thanks to the system, you have a precise overview of the stock of goods and money of each machine in your fleet and depots at any time.

TuxyMAT also calculates the date for the next refill, which makes it easier to optimize routes as well as prevent unnecessary stops. Additionally, it allows the work of the technicians and operators to be tracked day by day, allowing further optimization.

Tracking and troubleshooting

Using the same rugged tablet, the technician can also troubleshoot problems with the vending machine. If there’s an issue, it can be tracked down and repaired while the worker is on site. Every problem is tracked from the moment it’s discovered until it’s resolved. Among other things, this data can be used to keep track of what spare parts should be kept on hand.

Algiz 8X Vending machine maintenance

Algiz 8X – the perfect hardware for the job

While vending machine maintenance might at first seem like a job that wouldn’t require a rugged tablet, this is actually far from the truth. For workers that spend most of their days driving through cities from vending machine to vending machine, it’s also an excellent navigation tool to plot out the route. During a normal work day, the workers will be doing quite a few stops, getting in and out of the car and hauling equipment. It’s a matter of time before the tablet is dropped. The Algiz 8X can take the beating and meets the tough requirements of the MIL-STD-810G military standards for drop tests. Add in the IP65-rating and it won’t be bothered by dust or dirt either.

Handheld’s Algiz 8X rugged tablet supplies all the computing power necessary for the job and its compact size makes it easy to carry around. The powerful batteries are sure to last longer than the shift and if the worker forgets to charge it, the hot-swappable battery can simply be changed in a couple of seconds. The rugged tablet also has a vast accessory ecosystem that includes a vehicle dock and carrying devices. 

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