handheld algiz rt8 used in field
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3 advantages of using rugged computers for field service

Better management of information

For a field service technician, scheduling and providing services and repairs in an as efficient way as possible is key. Water, electricity, natural gas, and sanitation utilities manage huge amounts of information related to employees, customers, and regulations that have to be stored somewhere.

By using powerful rugged handhelds with large sunlight-readable displays, workers don’t only save time and maximize productivity. They’re also doing it in a more secure and futureproof way.

These IP-classed and MIL-STD-810G tested devices can easily manage industry-specific software allowing field workers to take their work anywhere, even in the most challenging environments.

Streamlined maintenance and repairs

Rugged computers are the perfect fit for maintenance and repair providers looking to track inventory, manage fieldwork, and monitor vehicles in a more convenient way.

Using Handheld’s rugged tablets, Azima DLI, a U.S.-based predictive maintenance provider, offers a new type of data collection product for its clients. Their new rugged mobile solution is safer to use, more reliable in harsh conditions, and easier to update when new technology arrives.

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Improved telecommunications

For work outdoors, durable mobile devices are a must. Rugged PDAs and tablets delivers both the reliability and efficiency needed for any challenging environment.

With a wide range of accessories available for rugged computers, telecom service technicians can take advantage of mounting devices in their vehicles. As they’re very much developed with the user in mind, devices can smoothly be detached when wanting to use them carried in hand on worksites.

Handheld Nautiz X8 is a rugged data collector heavily used GIS operations.

To record pole measurements for telecommunications companies, GIS contractors use Handheld’s Nautiz X8 rugged data collector. As a result, they significantly improved efficiency and increased their profits.

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