AER certified rugged handheld computer
The Technology

AER certified devices – Why it matters

AER is short for Android Enterprise recommended but what does that mean exactly? The short answer is simply that AER certified devices are recommended by Android for businesses. To be approved by Android the device has to go through rigorous testing and several demands are placed on the provider.

Android even has a separate category for rugged AER certified devices which makes it even more relevant for companies that need a handheld device that can take a beating. Last week Handheld announced that the new version of Nautiz X6 will be AER certified. It’s also going to be one of only 11 AER certified rugged devices that uses the Android 11 OS.

The requirements to become AER certified

Management and support

To become AER certified is not only about the device itself, it also places a series of requirements on the provider. Android Enterprise recommended providers have to keep their devices up-to-date at all times, this means always having the latest security updates.

The providers have personnel trained by Google in areas such as technical support, mobility architecture and implementation. 

Rugged AER

Rugged handhelds, as previously mentioned, are put in a specific category with two subcategories and have a series of separate demands. The category Rugged Devices 11.0 has the harder requirements of the two.

As the name might let on, the first requirement is that the device runs on Android 11.0. Secondly, the device specs such as RAM, storage and speed need to be up to a certain standard. To make sure the device is actually rugged there are also requirements on ingress protection as well as drop test integrity. The IP54 requirement is by no means extremely high but there are options with a higher IP rating.

The UI and UX requirements on AER certified devices are related to the standard apps that need to be included on a new device to ensure good functionality. Additional standard applications also need to be business-oriented and functional. That means no consumer games or other things that take up unnecessary space on the device.

Android Enterprise Recommended – A safe choice

As far as security goes, the focus is on providing quick updates, at the most 90 days, and keeping information up to date on the provider’s website. The security updates are also required to be provided for at least 5 years after the device has been deployed.

In addition, there needs to be a smooth way to perform bulk enrollment. Either through QR code or Zero-touch enrollment.