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3 ways rugged computers improve waste management

Waste is something that will always follow human life and as consumption rises, so does the waste. Obviously, it then becomes increasingly important how the waste is managed and how efficiently it´s done. Efficiency is at this point undeniably tied to digitalization and that’s where rugged computers improve waste management.

According to the UN, waste management has the potential to be one of the most important factors in combating climate change. This puts the spotlight on a process that is actually a lot more complex than most people think. There is a lot of planning and optimizing behind waste management all of which can be performed quicker with rugged computers.

Rugged computers improve waste management through route optimization

A quick, efficient route is crucial for the business of waste management. With a tight schedule, you need to be on time to keep your customers happy. A rugged computer equipped with the right software lets you analyze traffic patterns and get the optimal route for each day.

If an unexpected traffic yam happens you can even get the data in real-time. This way, instead of running late, another vehicle in a better position can pick up the load on time. You end up using less gas, avoid excess wear and lessen the emissions.

Rugged computers make fleet management easy

Operating a waste management business requires a lot of vehicles and at least as many people operating them. This is a big investment and it has to run like a well-oiled machine. Rugged computers improve waste management by GPS tracking, making sure you know exactly where every vehicle is at all times. 

You can see which units are struggling with their schedules and how the drivers are doing on a day-to-day basis. It can also let you know if your employees are speeding or otherwise breaking the law. Gathering accurate data will guarantee improvements and keep the business efficient.

A vehicle with a rugged computer onboard will also be kept safer. Paired with sensors, you can monitor oil pressure, tire pressure and fuel consumption. It can also keep track of your maintenance and let operators report needed repairs.

Customer service and communication

Waste management is a service business and quick, accurate information will keep the customers happy. Equipping your vehicles with rugged computers can help you deliver accurate answers instantly.

When a customer calls the dispatcher, the rugged computer will instantly let him know if there is a vehicle nearby that is available. He will also be able to give the customer an accurate estimation of the arrival time without making several calls. On top of this, real-time notifications can be sent out when a load has been picked up.

On the flip side, it will also let the operators let the dispatch know if access is blocked to a certain property. Dispatch can then contact the landlord while the operator gets right back to work.

If you are interested in a deeper dive into how rugged computers improve waste management follow this link to Handhelds solutions for waste management.

Why choose a rugged computer for waste management?

This is a job that needs to be done year-round, no matter the weather. You need a handheld device that can deal with heath, cold and being drenched in rain. The device will be riding in a vibrating vehicle, constantly being taken in and out of its dock. Rough handling in dust and dirt with the inevitable drop of the device waiting to happen.

With a non-rugged handheld, the TCO would go through the roof. Using a quality Handheld rugged computer none of this is going to be a problem.

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